Friday, March 16, 2012



Another great day on the farm. I don't think I will be coming home.

                                Me and Gabriel- he just melts in my arms.

                On this farm there are-
 6 lambs- 3 boys, 3 girls. big sheep-13. 19 total!
also- 18 chickens, 29 baby chicks, 2 cows, two goats,one dog and one cat , fishes, one big ass frog.
Lots of geckos, wild turkeys, wild pigs,cattle egrets , rice birds and miner birds.
butterflies galore.

Pasture hangout.Gigi and Gabe.

                              This is Chutney the cat. Loving the warm cement.

My painting....Joannas house with chicken.

the set up.
Simple... grumbacher plein air easel (borrowed from Joanna) the panel is held onto the bigger board with cable clips( cut a bit and screwed into the wood) bamboo brush holder (made on my last visit here), screwed-on tin can for turps, and attached cigar box palette.It totally works for here- I can cart the whole thing around the farm. I have 25 panels here to paint- ordered in advance.SO much to paint here!

                               Quail eggs. Beautiful! taste great- but kinda small.

                                      I felt like making a paper mache lamb. Found tutorials and a recipe for paper clay online here-it's glue, joint compound,flour, linseed oil and toilet paper, mixed with a hand beater. A new use for tp!
 I always used newspaper strips and paste before, so it will be fun to try the clay.
Thanks for all your emails and comments- it's so fun to have you guys along with me !
Farmers market tomorrow...

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Paintings by Patricia said...

Amazing eggs, Sally. It all looks so wonderful there. I can see you are in love with the lambs.