Saturday, March 31, 2012


 Today was great- windy but sunny and beautiful. Went to Hawi and this is a panoramic I stitched (badly) on photoshop.Kauiahai is in the the VOG (volcano smog)

Hiked down to Pololu valley- it was amazing down there!

This is a little inland lake in the valley. I kept thinking about Tsunamis ...but what are the odds...

These horses totally couldn't care less about the million dollar view.
Here is my painting ...finished this morning,

"Beach 69" ( named for the #69 telphone pole)

Are you wondering about the lost puppy?
I slept with the puppy last night-otherwise he would have cried all night. Roxie joined in I was in dog heaven ( but didn't sleep a wink)
I took him to the vet this morning to be scanned for a microchip.
No chip in him, and no one was looking for a cute little shitzu.( not shiatzu!)
The vet thought he had parvo- a  puppy virus that can be fatal - so they kept him and probably the humane society will take him after that. My guess he will be euthanized. 
Oh dear- life keeps rolling around....
So that is it for tonight and I will be back tomorrow.

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