Thursday, March 15, 2012

Paradise- found!

The flights were long, but oh so worth it.
I'm back at Maluhia Farm- and it feels like I never left. It's a magical place that has taken up residence in my soul. It is so good to see my Dad and Jan and Joanna again.
This was my morning inspiration... love how I wake up at 5 and it feels like I've slept in...

To start the morning Dad and I  moved 29  baby chicks to their new home outside.
Yesterday the ewe Gardenia had given birth to twins-and my stepmom Jan, and neighbor, friend and farm hand Joanna had to pull them out with snares. It was a miracle that the lambs survived but they did. Here they are...
                                                      Baby Gabriel.
                                 Gabriel , Gigi, and Mom Gardenia
She's not into nursing yet as you can there's a bit of bottle feeding going on until they catch on. Poor Gardenia is so sore....
                               I love the  chickens! Especially how they run.

                                 Here is Thistle and her two, born March 1.
                             My morning sketch-watercolor...view from the lanai.
And my first oil painting in a while.8"x8".This is the back veiw of the property- the horse paddock and Norfolk Island pines.
Dad helped me get a good plein air set up together- he is so creative with tools and wood and hardware. He may live in Hawaii now but he still has yankee ingenuity.
I will show you my set up tomorrow.
His woodshop is so organized- it's a dream. Inspiring.
I'm in heaven here!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh Paradise!!
Love, love, love the lambs, the paintings, the story and YOU!!!

Roberta Sullivan said...

So happy for you in paradise! I am feeling vicarious joy! (It is sooooo cold here in Duxbury.)

Paintings by Patricia said...

Indeed you are in heaven there.....what cute baby lambs..

Fay Terry said...

What a great and happy post! I am so glad to see all these beautiful photos and the paintings are wonderful.

Paula Villanova said...

Oohh...such lovely lambies...I hope Gardenia's feeling better soon. Love your paintings too!