Saturday, March 31, 2012

what a day!

I volunteered at the school garden today- we painted a wheelbarrow. It was fun to work with the the kids. Amanda, the garden  teacher, really is amazing with the kids. They love her!
They start the session with a 2 minute silence and when they gather for circle time they report observations found in the garden. They are focused and seemed eager to do the varied garden tasks. I am inspired - the garden is beautiful!

Flowers, rainbows and surfing- what else!

They also painted the inside... 

Here they are digging a trench for the new chicken coop (my Dad is building that)

Amanda teaching.Then, later in the afternooon- big surprise- this puppy wandered on to the farm. I think it is a Shiatzu. He was wet, scared and limping. I am bringing him to the vet tomorrow see if he is microchipped and hope to find his owner. Otherwise I might have to bring him home and give him to one of my friends! He is VERY cute.

He is asleep in my lap right now.I would keep him but my dog Winnie would HATE him and try to eat him.

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Happy Birthday SDM :D
You just rock.
Hope you can find the little dog's humans.