Sunday, March 25, 2012


Errands today in Waimea, and just a little bit of painting today. I forgot to photograph my paintings before it got dark. I managed to misplace my glasses somewhere- my fear is that I dropped them when I was taking pictures of the goats- they are very friendly and distracted me by  trying to eat my vine charcoal . I  really hope they didn't eat my glasses! I didn't realize I wasn't wearing them until much later. Hmm...
Louise is still not looking too well- I picked up some syringes at the vet supply for her today and hopefully with treatment she will be okay. While I was in the supply shed we had an earthquake- a pretty good one. It happens a lot here, but still it was a little freaky!
 This painting is at Dad and Jan's friend Carol's awesome house- way up mauka- done by her aunt.I dropped off some papers for Dad and we had a nice cuppa tea together.
I love the vibrant colors in this painting. Its just a part of a very large canvas..
 This tree is outside Carols house. Jungle- ee!

 This is who might have eaten my glases( gosh I sure hope not!)

Who me?

A reader asked permission to paint from one of my photos.I sure appreciate being asked- but I am
totally fine with that! Anyone can paint from them!

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Paula Villanova said...

I think I would be on such sensory overload there, but I'd be willing to take that risk! Lovely paintings, and I sure hope Louise is doing well!