Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday at Maluhia Farm

Started the day with pancakes and turkey bacon- my Dad looks forward to that all week.
At around 10 AM I took my easel down to the tree in the lower pasture where the sheep hang out and I tried to paint the scene- but I wiped it off ( great aspect of oil painting is you can erase all your sins) but it was lovely to hang with these guys. Gabriel ( who is fine btw and nursing splendidly) seemed to be missing his mama and sister and was bleating pitifully. My futile attempt to find Gardenia and Gigi in the tall grass was fun...but they all found each other all on their own. . Nature is amazing.Gabe (forground) has a neck warmer on because of the birth trauma...

This is a lamb conference up by the barn.
These guys are new to me- two black angus. I am reminded of the story of "Ferdinand the Bull"
sweetly smelling the breeze.
This is Dad with a handcrafted box he made for my daughter Markie.
Quite the craftsman!
Jan and the newest lambs.
Last but not least a watercolor painting I am working on- ipad reference( Jans) ( I want an ipad now!)
and my morning painting of Joanna checking Louise ( the next to deliver)
"Contemplating Labor"
Whew! Long post.
Thanks for reading!

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Caroline said...

omg are you in paradise or what???