Thursday, March 8, 2012

Macombers Ridge -oil vintage 2008

I sold this a while ago-actually bartered it for my heat out in my studio( thanks Mark and Michelle)
Thanks for all the cool titles- so many of you responded with such great ones- hard to decide...I love them all and will tuck them away for future possible titles...

"Come Hug Me In My World"

Celebrate the Light (or Celebrating the Light) 

tiptoe to nirvana..
lift me, light me...
up, up and away...

City of Gold.

'accessorize, accessorize...'


Love is Light            

 All things come together.   
We are all part!

 "The Exuberance of Life".

"Twenty-First Century World"

 "Dreams, Close and Distant"?



hmmmmm....I think I will do "Celebrating the Light" because I like the sound of that.

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