Monday, March 19, 2012

monday monday

 It keeps getting better. Walked around the pasture on a drawing safari this morning, then a little oil painting. This horse and two others are across the driveway.
Wainuhea bed and breakfast where my Dad and I  did a visit to check out some work needing to be done. It's going on the market if anyone wants to buy it.
Amazing place way up the mountain.
 This is what it looks like as you go up to it...

 This is the lovely Amanda who teaches gardening at the public middle school in Waimea. She took us out to lunch. The farm is beautiful. Every school should have a garden like this!My Dad volunteers a lot - building stuff for the farm.
Sunflowers- so happy.

                                          Then we went to the beach.
                                   It felt good to float in the salt water.
 This house is my favorite and I wish I could afford to stay here- right on the beach.
And my painting- still unfinished but I wanted to share.(:


Paintings by Patricia said...

What a lovely piece of paradise, as is the painting.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

talk about sensory overload !

Paula Villanova said...

Sure looks like paradise to me!