Thursday, September 27, 2012

Duxbury Bay Farm Montessori Mural

I was asked to paint a mural in a long narrow hall opposite the lockers of the middle school kids at the school. The idea was a nautical theme incorporating an old map of Duxbury and a compass rose. I start these things knowing the ideas will change and morph and the kids imput always determines the outcome. I started with this old map, and this captured map from google earth.
I decided to change the north to a different direct,,,and stretched it on photoshop so the coastline would go all along the bottom.
This is how it started- adding the torn edges of the map with the decorative corners- we gridded it and chalked and outlined  it on the wall. Then we painted in the big areas of blue and brown.

-week 2 - (stitched on photoshop(badly!) i am really getting into adding the landmarks.
(notice the Art Complex Museum!)

Also we thought the powder point bridge should be a feature so we blew that up to go all along the bottom.

Lots more Kingston, Plymouth stuff next week and I  need to finish it...I could work on this all year !
Maybe the kids will keep adding-
They are keeping me busy- next we are painting the bottom of a dingy that the kids built - it will hang from the high ceiling in their classroom.

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