Monday, September 17, 2012

Long Beach, looking towards Miles Standish, 9"x12" oil

I was invited to be part of an awesome retreat this weekend, right on Long Beach, Plymouth, with 4 amazing women. We were towards the end, one side ocean, other side the busy harbor. The tip  of the peninsula has great views of Bug light, the Gurnet, Miles Standish monument , and Saquish right across. I had never been on Long beach in my life!
The weekend went way too fast- we packed in beach time, crafting ( the amount of beads was unbelievable!), cooking, eating, walking, reading,  swimming, painting, mermaid house constructions and general cavorting. I managed to see the sun rise and set on both days. I'm tired but blissfully happy to have spent summers last weekend in this place with these people. I will be making a facebook post with all the photos to put up on the Goldenrod foundation page in a day or two.
I love being in nature and near water.


Anonymous said...

This painting is really beautiful, Sally, and your weekend sounds like it was so much fun.

Sally Dean said...

It was fun! Thanks Kristeena!